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Have you just discovered that you are gay and do not know how to talk about it with your parents or friends? BuddyGays proposes you to exchange experiences and tips for coming out or other topics. Here you can find men with the same interests and same sexual orientation.
The main page welcomes you with the registration window, which immediately indicates the need for a photo. A photo where you are captured in sunglasses will not add popularity. The main instrument of attraction - the eyes - will be hidden from men. The picture should be taken at close range so that your face is clearly visible.
The design of the site is amiable and straightforward. Here you can find filters and a list of participants that might suit you. You can sort profiles by the number of photos, nationality, as well as by their appearance and internal qualities.

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Is It Easy To Sign Up (Log In) BuddyGays?

You can register for a dating site for free: you just need to enter your primary data-name, gender, date of birth, place of residence - and upload a photo. 

You can also give info about:

  • Your appearance: height, weight, hair and eye color;
  • Education;
  • Work;
  • Income;
  • Knowledge of languages;
  • Your tastes and interests: favorite films, music, books, sports;
  • Your outlook on life: religion, desire to have children, etc.
  • About how your ideal partner should be.

This is not necessary, but we recommend sharing as much information as possible on your profile, because the more other users know about you, the more likely they are to want to get to know you even closer.

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Who Are Members And What Are The Main Ways To Connect?

The site is intended exclusively for gays of different ages and nationalities. Here you will find men from 18 and up to 65 years old. The average age of a man is 34 years; that is, these are people who have already found themselves in life and know what they want. At this age, men are already family-oriented and want to find someone of the same opinion. 90% of sent messages will be answered almost immediately since the site has only active users. If a person likes you, the answers will be long messages, not 2-3 words. New members appear first on the homepage. Every day you can find someone you have not yet discovered.

You can communicate using quick chats, CamChats, and photos.
CamChats is also a chat roulette, where you can chat with many users. Some people find it challenging to share their difficulties with people they know. In a video chat random, you can talk to a stranger. If you did not like one, click on, and a new partner is displayed. Only people who have connected a webcam participate in such chats.

Any Key Features?

The main feature is that if you register yourself, you must confirm the email address. Registration is impossible without it. Since the site authenticates all accounts. It takes an hour to create a profile. In the future, you will be able to edit such parts of the profile as pictures, reviews, the home page. Here you have the opportunity to write texts about what you would like to tell users of the site. This can help in choosing a partner. The more information you give, the faster a particular user will be interested in you.
In the location section, you choose in which country you want to search and what nationality people can search for you.

Often when you meet a person on the Internet, you want to see, talk, and communicate more often. Every day we need to communicate with someone. This is due to the need to share your knowledge, emotions, thoughts, any information. Communication is often a lot of fun. Thanks to BuddyGays, you can chat with your lover day and night. If you are in another country or just not ready to meet, you are offered a video chat service. Video chats let you talk as much as you want, anytime, anywhere.

The main thing is to have a computer or mobile device, access to the Internet and a webcam. No matter how many kilometers there are between people, this is not an obstacle for video chats, because the video can move at great speed. Therefore, communication takes place in real-time. And it is really very convenient. Video chats allow you to communicate with people in the most free form and without any restrictions. So you can get to know your partner better and who knows, maybe the next step will be a trip to each other. 

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Guys from BuddyGays

are waiting for you!

What About Users` Security And Personal Info Safety?

Your information is adequately protected and not distributed. All profiles are carefully checked. In case of misunderstanding, or the guy’s answer will seem very suspicious to you, you can contact support. You can apply for any questions and be sure you will always be of assistance. You can also visit the page with frequently asked questions, where you can find answers to β€œwhat to do if ..”. If this did not help, at the end of the page, there is contact information for technical support, you can contact the managers, and they will do everything possible for your convenient use.

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1 month

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BuddyGays - First Impression

The site has an excellent user base, which is characterized by activity and determination: you will feel it right after registration when you start to notice an increased interest in yourself. Since there are no distracting elements on the site - videos, games, blogs, etc. - You can focus on communicating with those who impress you, and start building relationships with them on terms that suit both of you. Thanks to Chatroulette, you can chat with 1000 men in video mode.
Chatroulette allows you to share your thoughts or feelings with a new random person who does not know anything about you and whom you also do not know. Since the video chat is anonymous, no one can learn more about you than you tell about yourself.

And it doesn’t matter if you want fun communication to raise your spirits, or sincere, sincere conversations, in chat roulette you can easily find the right person, and maybe even a friend and the love of your life.
So hurry up to register at BuddyGays, and you will notice how your life will become brighter, more exciting, and there will be a thousand men with whom you can talk, make friends, and also have a serious relationship.

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BuddyGays Alternatives

BuddyGays is the best site for anyone looking for a confidential and fruitful relationship. Firstly, the choice of a partner on the website is not limited due to the large user base. Secondly, the confidentiality and privacy protection of the client belong to the priorities of the platform. You post a photo, share some information, or exchange messages under the responsibility of the team of professionals, BuddyGays.

In general, the functionality and design of the site are quite simple and straightforward. Besides, you can always count on help from the support service - the site is excellent.

Of course, there are similar sites such as GaysTryst, GaysGoDating, BuddyGays. Read the review of these sites in the same way and choose the most suitable for you.




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